Data Policy


    In order to participate in experiments at the Social Science Experimental Lab (SSEL), you must register in our database using the lab's online recruitment system. Registration requires acknowledging the following basic rules of conduct:

  • You can register only once.

  • If you're from NYUAD, you must bring your unexpired NYUAD ID with you to each experiment, so that SSEL researchers can verify your status.

  • A random subset of volunteers is invited to each study. This ensures that all our volunteers get an equal chance of being invited.

  • Sometimes we also only invite participants with certain characteristics, for instance, people who have not yet participated in former studies of a similar nature. As a result, after registering, it is possible that you may see studies in the calendar for which you do not receive an invitation email.

  • If there is an excess of participants in a study, you may be bumped out of the study. The first persons arriving to the study will participate. Participants bumped out of a study will receive the subsistence allowance.

  • Please note that you may receive an invitation email, but when you click on the enrollment link, it does not show availability. This means the session is already full.

For questions please contact